12 Days of Fosters – Day 11

Fosters day Happy Holidays!
During this festive time we will be showcasing our “Twelve days of FOSTERS”. We invite you to virtually ‘meet’ some of our life saving fosters and we are hoping that their stories inspire you to join our team so that we can save even more beagles in 2016! If you are ready to join us in our mission, please fill out a foster application here: http://tribeagles.org/foster/

On the ELEVENTH Day of FOSTERS the beagles would like you to meet………

****Beckie Siers****

Beckie lives in Raleigh and has been involved with TBR since 2005 when she adopted by first beagle, Eldon. She started fostering in 2010 and has lost count of the number of beagles the she has fostered.

Beckie said: “My first foster was a doozy. Her name was Stella and she came from a laboratory that was being shut down in Northeastern NC called Corapeake. She had never had a name—only a number. She had never been outside, never walked on grass, never walked up stairs, never seen a TV or ceiling fan and had never been shown any human affection. Stella was not housetrained or leash trained and she got sick riding in the car. Stella had so much learn and it was amazing watching her progress each and every day. Most foster beagles are not as challenging as Stella. They come from all different backgrounds and situations, but there is one thing they all have in common and that is a sense of gratitude that they are safe and on their way to a better life.

I love helping the beagles and encourage each person reading this to give fostering a try. TBR has a great support system through its foster coordinators, Facebook and Yahoo communities. The time and love that you give to a rescue beagle will be returned to you tenfold when you look into their big brown eyes. TBR pulls the majority of its foster beagles from high kill shelters. When you foster, you are truly saving a life and there is no better feeling than that. “

Beckie, thank you for your commitment and dedication to helping so many beagles!!