Adoption Cost Review

Our adoption fee is $350.00 for puppies under one year, $300.00 for adult dogs under 9 years old and $250.00 for adult dogs 8 years old and older.  These fees are effective as of May, 13, 2017.  This includes:


  • Adoption fees cover:
    • Exam by a veterinarian: $35
    • Neuter for Males/Spay for Females $100-$140
    • Fecal Exam and De-worming: $25
    • Vaccinations (all age appropriate and due prior to the date of adoption) $30
    • Distempber/parvovirus/adenovirus/parainfluenza
    • Rabies
    • Bordatella (kennel cough)
    • Microchip insertion and registration: $16
    • Heartworm prevention and Flea/tick treatment/prevention: $13/month while in the rescue
    • Heartworm test: $25
    • Heartworm treatment if necessary: $250
    • Dental cleaning/extractions as necessary: $200


    Total: $244-$284 minimum for a healthy beagle in the rescue for a short time

    • Additional expenses frequently include:
    • Heartworm treatment if necessary: $250
    • Dental cleaning/extractions as necessary: $200

    Total: $444-$730 or more

    Other associated costs may include:

    • Any additional vet care as necessary
    • Any necessary boarding fees while with the rescue

Triangle Beagle Rescue is a non-profit organization and operates solely on our adoption fees and donations that we receive. Some dogs cost less than the adoption fee, but others cost thousands for expensive surgeries and procedures.


If you cannot afford to pay the adoption fee in full, please reconsider the idea of adopting a pet. Pets are a lifetime commitment and they need you to survive. Emergency vet visits are inevitable at some point in time, and they are not cheap. If you cannot assume full financial responsibility you may want to reconsider owning a dog. A great way to get the benefits of dog ownership and companionship without the financial responsibility is through our Foster Program.

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