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Why Foster

A common reason people often give for not fostering a rescue dog it that they feel they would never be able to give the dog up to an adopter.

Triangle Beagle Rescue is a foster based breed specific rescue. Every day we receive requests to re-home beagles. These requests come from caring people who have found a beagle on the roadside, and, overwhelmingly, from shelters throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and states even more distant. Many of these dogs are labeled in shelters as “rescue only” due to some very treatable medical conditions. Reality is that many die by injection or in gas chambers because we simply do not have enough foster homes for them.

Any beagle that has ever been adopted from Triangle Beagle Rescue is a TBR dog for life. If their adopted family can no longer care for them they are always welcome back to the rescue. These beagles returning to the rescue also need to be placed in foster homes until a new home is found.

We also have needs to foster dogs in hospice care. Some TBR beagles who have chronic medical conditions need special care. Because of our lifetime commitment to our beagles, TBR provides hospice care for dogs with serious medical or behavioral needs. These dogs often require extra love and attention as well as expensive medical care.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: Long-term fostering (1-3 months) is our greatest need. Short-term fostering (1 day – 2 weeks) is also needed, as well as hospice care for the rest of the dog’s life. We also need help with transportation – helping take dogs between the vet and their foster homes, picking up dogs for adoption days, or picking up dogs from shelters. Recruit other foster homes and volunteers. Ask your friends if they would like to foster a beagle!

The sadness you feel from giving your foster dog to its new family can be offset by the fact that you can now help another beagle who needs you.

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