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Added: April 10, 2019
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Honey Bear

Currently Available Adult Small Female
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  • Honey Bear

    My Story:

    Honey Bear was rescued from the Halifax Cty AS in VA. She is such a happy girl! She gleefully greats her foster mom each morning as if she has just come home from work, and she follows her all around the house, like a little shadow. She just loves to be petted and will stand like a statue and receive pats and rubs as long as you are willing to give them. Honey Bear also has excellent car manners and enjoys short trips around town. She likes to pal around the backyard with her foster sister, and the two of them enjoy napping together. Honey Bear is hesitant and nervous on a leash alone, but she easily follows her foster sister's lead when they are walked together. She hasn't shown much interest in playing with toys. Beyond the occasional chew of a Nylabone, she pretty much ignores all the stuffies and squeekies. She would much prefer to just pal around with you.

    Honey Bear was named through our Name A Dog Donation Program by Don Comer. Don wrote: “I would like to name a beagle Honey Bear. I would like the remainder $75 to be used for a spay/neuter and/or heart worm pills, flea/tick, etc. Thank you for all you do to help beagles in need".


    Weight: 22 lbs Age: 2

    Good on Leash: progressing Crate Trained: yes House Trained: progressing
    This beagle likes:
    Medical Issues:
    This beagle is heartworm positive.
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