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Added: March 12, 2019
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  • Leia

    My Story:

    Hi, I am Leia, definitely a tomboy princess. Everyone I meet on walks thinks I am a youngster, and I am--a young senior and very young at heart! People in the neighborhood say "Oh she is so cute and so little, what a sweet girl" and all this is true! I am small, sweet, cute and pretty fast so watch the door! I love my walks and I love to track squirrels and rabbits. When I am not resting my nose is to the ground! I am no couch potato, but very curious and I like attention. Because of my curiosity my foster mom crates me when she goes to work or is on errands because she doesn't want me hurt from chewing recyclables or trying to reach the counters...yep, I love to explore! I am learning a lot about living inside a home-- it's great!!! I have a soft pillow bed next to mom and I sleep through the night, but once up I need to go out asap! My house training is coming along very well. I want so much to find a forever friend who will love me and delight in all my wonderful qualities and go for good walks with me. I have so much love to give, not cuddly love but loyal, gentle, trusting love. I am amazing! Oh and I get along with other dogs, cats and children!

    I was named through TRB's Name A Dog Donation Program by Kimberly and Mark Mueller. The Muellers wrote: “Our sweet, Star Wars named Princess Leia brought such a tremendous amount of joy to our lives for 14 years. We loved her greatly and would be so happy to see another beautiful little beagle girl carry on the princess name!”


    Weight: 17 lbs Age: 7-8

    Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: House Trained: progressing
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