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Added: April 8, 2019
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Currently Available Adult Medium Female


My Story:

Parker was rescued from the Person County Animal Shelter. This beautiful beagle gal loves attention. She constantly follows you wherever you go. She especially likes ear and neck rubs. Parker has learned that toys are fun! Her foster mom will pick them all up and put them away and Parker will scatter them back around where they should be. When the door bell rings, she has to pick up a toy to greet the visitor properly. Parker would do best in a home where she is an only dog. She likes receiving all of her humans attention for herself and she likes what is her (toys etc.). She is very smart and responds well to "no".

This is what Parker's foster mom said about her on 12/27/2018: She does great with other dogs. The initial meeting needs to be on neutral ground and off leash. It just takes her some time to trust.

Also, I think she would do better with older kids. She does not like to be snuggled real close or petted when she's in a good sleep. I really think she had to fend for herself for awhile.

She absolutely loves playing with her toys now. She is happy to play with her humans or by herself with her toys.

Like all other beagles I know, she loves to run and play chase with any other dog or human.

She also loves to go for long walks to put that nose to work. She will sometimes get impatient to go for her walk, before you can get your coat on or her leash on her. She will then jump straight up in the air, about 4 feet off the ground!

When she hears an animal on the television, she runs to the TV and tries to get to the animal inside the TV.

When the doorbell rings, she has to grab a toy to take with her to see who's there.

Parker was named through our Name A Dog Donation Program by James and Janet Rudisill for Scott and Katherine Brantley. The Rudisills wrote: “We are naming a beagle in honor of our first grand-child, Parker Christine Brantley. She will be turning one years old on 10-30-18. She has a big brother named Clyde who was rescued from your organization. Parker Christine is the highlight of our lives and we want to do something special to celebrate her first birthday. Parker, we love you and Clyde very much and want you to know that everyday you are a gift to so many lives. You are so precious to us.
Love always
Grandpa and Grandma Rudisill.”


Weight: 25.8 lbs Age:

Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: yes, progressing House Trained:
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