Added: January 2, 2019
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Sadie II

Available Soon Senior Small Female
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  • Sadie II

    My Story:

    I was rescued from the Burlington Animal Shelter. I had 7 wiggly puppies on 1/20/2019--4 boys, 3 girls. More info coming soon!

    Sadie was named through TBR's Name a Dog Donation program by Adam Rodgers for Lisa Rodgers: “Maggie and Sadie were two great beagles who brought so much joy to our family. We got Maggie when I was a kid, she was a great companion and made life so much fun. I loved taking her on walks, teaching her new tricks and playing with her until she wore me out. Maggie was a truly special dog that made you feel so loved every time you walked in the house. Sadie came along after I left home but she was such a joy to see when I would come home. Watching her warm up to a new home and to our family after her adoption was wonderful. Lisa was an outstanding dog mom to Maggie and Sadie, words cannot express how much she did for their comfort, health and happiness. I hope this donation helps bring the joy of a dog to a loving family, just like Lisa has brought the joy of dogs to our family.”

    Sadie sends a big Arooooo to all of her sponsors!


    Weight: Age: 6-8

    Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: House Trained:
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