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  • Zeppelin

    My Story:

    ****In celebration of our senior beagles, their adoption fees for the entire month of April will be discounted $50 ($200 instead of $250). Please consider adopting a senior beagle!****


    ***Could you be the right one for Zeppelin??? I have fostered dozens of beagles for TBR over more than a decade, but this one is really special. Zepp is one of the happiest most loving dogs I have ever met. He is very well behaved, house and crate trained, and a total lap hog. We are not able to bring Zeppelin to adoption events because he is frightened of dogs that he doesn't know. I'm not sure what happened, but Zepp's face is scarred up, so it seems that he was attacked in the past. I have two beagles and a chihuahua of my own and they all get along great. I even watch friends dogs from time to time and Zeppelin does well with them also. It's just the first few hours with an unknown dog that Zepp has issues. Out of fear, he will lash out at new dogs. When a new dog comes into our home, we simply crate Zeppelin for an hour or so and then carefully introduce him watching for aggressive behavior. After a little supervised time has passed they are friends forever and we no longer have to worry. You see Zepp just needs to be assured that this new doggo will be nice to him. If you think you could be the right home for Zeppelin, please reach out to your foster coordinator, I bet you'll fall in love.***

    I was brought into the Surry Co. shelter as a stray. The shelter staff said I was very well behaved but was starting to get the holiday blues, so they reached out to TBR and now I am in a loving foster home and looking for a furever home! I am a handsome beagle mix boy—my foster thinks maybe I have some Sharpei in me as I have adorable wrinkles, what do you think? I love soft beds and blankets—I cuddle right up with them--it is quite cute. I am house and crate trained and I walk well on a leash. I get along great with my foster siblings but I am a little nervous when meeting new dogs. The scars on my face tell a story of a tough life and a good reason for me to be nervous about new dogs. Once I realize the pups are friendly, we are best friends!

    I was named through TBR's Name a Dog Donation program by Melissa in honor of her dog Zeppelin.


    Weight: 25 lbs Age: 7-8

    Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: yes House Trained: yes
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