Giving Tuesday- Charlie Brown’s Story

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We had a lot to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving, and one of the things we were most thankful for is the loving parents of our past fosters. We have been very lucky that all of our fosters have been adopted into the most wonderful families, and we still keep in touch with many of them.

While visiting Charlotte over this Thanksgiving holiday, we were able to go and have dinner with Charlie Brown’s family. If you have not heard about Charlie Brown, he has a pretty remarkable story- he and his buddy Snoopy were found in rural South Carolina, emaciated and scavenging for food. Nothing is known about their lives before this, but it looks as if they were living in really bad conditions or had been strays for a while. A nice man saw them, and later came back to give them some food, enabling him to grab them and take them home.

This man and his wife drove all the way from South Carolina to Raleigh so Snoopy and Charlie Brown could be welcomed into Triangle Beagle Rescue’s loving arms. They were taken straight to Crossroads Animal Hospital, one of our partner vets, where they were examined and taken home by one of the doctors there to spend the weekend.

Charlie Brown at the vet

Charlie Brown at the vet

After a weekend of living large, sleeping on soft blankets, and cuddling each other, Charlie Brown and Snoopy went to their respective foster homes (Snoopy went on to be adopted by his foster family! We love to see his antics on the TBR Alumni page).

We picked up Charlie Brown, and we instantly fell in love (my partner, J, still considers Charlie Brown to be his favorite dog of all time). Charlie Brown was extremely skinny, but still looked very handsome. It was November when we picked him up, so we put a sweater on him, thinking he must be cold with so little meat on his bones.

We also thought he would look very cute, and we were right!

We also thought he would look very cute, and we were right!

Things were not pretty. His teeth were very damaged, his skin was in bad shape, his chest was completely bald and raw, and he had heartworms to boot. Without going into too many details, we gave him a lot of TLC, he started to grow back some fur and fat, and soon caught the eye of his now forever family!

Put on some weight- but still has a long way to go!

Put on some weight- but still has a long way to go

Because of how much we loved Charlie Brown (and all of our fosters!) we feel we got pretty lucky in the adoptive parent department. His family sends us pictures and updates frequently, and always invite us to come visit when we are in Charlotte. This Thanksgiving was the first time we were able to take them up on their offer!

We were very excited to go see first-hand how Charlie Brown is doing, especially since he was still pretty underweight when he was adopted. When we arrived and saw him we were completely blown away. He has filled out completely, his eyes are bright, and he is “living high on the hog” as my grandfather would say. He appeared to be very happy to see us, and even spent some time sitting up and cuddling J.

The highlight of J's month

The highlight of J’s month

Charlie Brown’s story is one that’s filled with a lot of emotion for us. It pains us to think about his beginnings, and the other dogs out there that are living this way (and there are many). But it makes us so happy to reflect on his story and where he is now. We think of him as one of the lucky ones, one that was able to “escape” the horrors of his past life and move on to a life filled with love and comfort. And we are so very thankful to TBR for making this possible for him, and so many others.

If you are moved by this story and the work of TBR, then please consider donating for Giving Tuesday. Each dollar given will be matched by the Gates Foundation up to $50,000! TBR does so much for their animals: they have never denied a dog additional vet care due to cost, from pacemakers to dental work, and really go the extra mile to make sure these dogs are like new when they are adopted. I am very grateful to be part of such a wonderful organization and love seeing all that they do.

Thank you for reading! To see more about the beagles and how to donate, check out Triangle Beagle Rescue’s Facebook page. The beagles thank you!

Turns out Charlie Brown is cute in all kinds of clothes

Turns out Charlie Brown is cute in all kinds of clothes