Viva Pedro – and Senior Dogs!

We wanted a companion for our 10-year old beagle, Lucy, after we lost our
9-year old boy, Sparky. So we were looking for a “senior” boy when we found
Pedro – who was a month shy of 11. We knew from experience that a beagle can
still be active at 11 (and Pedro is). But we had never adopted a dog older
than 3.

Wow, our new little guy has been amazingly adaptable, despite spending 10
years with another family. He and Lucy got along from the start, and within
a month he learned the routines of our daily life – including daily
tooth-brushing (clearly new to him) with an electric toothbrush and
“pawdicures” with an electric nail file. Who said an old dog can’t learn new

Pedro has enthusiasm and a bounce in his step, and he never has a bad day.
He’s mellow and takes what comes, and we attribute this to wisdom and
maturity that comes with age.


We didn’t know what to expect in terms of his bonding with us, but within
weeks he was as trusting and loving as our Lucy is (and other long-term dogs
have been.) Six months later, we love him very much and as if he has been
with us for years.

Pedro was just the dog we needed, right at the same time he needed us.
Although we hope to have Pedro and Lucy for a number of years more, we do
expect that future adoptees into our family will be on the “senior” side.

Scott & Barb Burke

Two humans and 2 dogs

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  • Kara says:

    Scott and Barb,
    I just read this blog post because the names Lucy and Pedro caught my attention! I actually work where Lucy and Pedro are boarded! You are so very lucky to have such sweet and loving beagles. Their baying is my absolute favorite and I often have “conversations” with Pedro! I had no idea they were 10 and 11. They certainly don’t act very senior like! Great dogs and I am happy to learn that they are both happy rescue dogs!

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