How We Started

Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC (“TriBeagles”) was started in the summer of 1999 by Susan Hogarth and a group of Raleigh-Chapel Hill area beagle enthusiasts who wanted to see all homeless beagles in the lifetime homes they deserve. In the summer of 2000, TriBeagles formed a Board of Directors and began the incorporation process. We became incorporated in the fall of 2000 as a Federal tax-exempt organization. We have been committed to bringing together humans and hounds for a lifetime of love and pleasure in each other’s company ever since!

How We Help Beagles

Triangle Beagle Rescue (aka TriBeagles or TBR) is a breed-specific beagle rescue in the Triangle (Raleigh-Chapel Hill) area of North Carolina.  We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and are an all volunteer organization run by a Board of Directors.

We do not have a shelter facility and operate solely out of foster homes.

This ensures that all of our beagles learn the skills that they need to be successful family members when they move to their forever homes.  We have been rescuing beagles since 1999 and, to date, have rescued more than 4000 beagles in North Carolina.  We are committed to bringing together humans and hounds for a lifetime of love and pleasure in each other’s company!

Board of Directors

Leann Tenbush

Leann adopted her first beagle Taime when she was in college and got to spend 18 years with her. After she moved from CA to NC, she googled beagle rescues, found Triangle Beagle Rescue and has been volunteering with the group for about 5 years. As the marketing coordinator she does all of the social media marketing, helps to coordinate events and fundraisers and promote the foster beagles so they can find their forever homes. Her favorite part of working with the rescue is keeping track of the beagles that she has fostered or helped along the way and watch them enjoying their new rescued lives.

Amy Douglas

Beagles are such wonderful, fun loving dogs. They can be silly, quirky and at times a lot of work. They are also one of the most loving dog breeds I’ve ever experienced. My husband and I were immediate foster-failures with our first foster dog Charlie. Charlie is a funny, loving and very loud addition to our family. Serving as foster coordinator is now my way of helping as many of these wonderful beagles as I can find their forever homes.

Whitney Walker

Winston the beagle was my first dog, and my first love. He was a lab dog at Purdue vet school, and after months of begging and pleading, my professors let me take him home. He was an honored family member for 16 years and we love seeing a little bit of Winston in the beagles that come to our home. My family has really enjoyed fostering for TBR, both because of the amazing dogs and the amazing people we have met along the way. As a foster coordinator, I hope to help many beagles find the families they so deserve.

Jody Banasiewicz

Our story begins with our first beagle, Miley, that we adopted in 2007. We decided that she needed a playmate, so our adventure with TBR begins. We adopted Peyton from TBR in 2009. That is when we started vacation fostering for TBR. As they say, things steam rolled from there. Our family became full time fosters for dozens of dogs over the years. Everyone of those dogs has held a piece of my heart. People ask me how I can let them go after they have lived with us. I just tell them that they are going to a great home and I get to help another dog out of a shelter. I became a “failed foster” when our family adopted Carter in 2013. I just couldn’t give that boy up. He makes us smile every day. I have been adoption coordinator, foster coordinator and now back to adoption coordinator. My favorite part is when I receive updates and pictures of past fosters in their new homes. It reminds me of why I am a part of this great organization.

Dan Savarese

I adopted my first beagle (Junior), in 1994 as a stray. Years later after I met my wife Tina, she found her first beagle (J.J. aka Junior Junior) abandoned on the side of the road. After Junior passed away in 2009 we dove right in to TBR by becoming, adoptive parents, foster parents and eventually board members.

Katie White

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for beagles, but I didn’t get my first one until I moved to Durham in 2016. Sammie was the best pup a girl could ask for. We started fostering for TBR in 2017 and haven’t looked back. I had my first foster fail in 2019 when Sammie decided Fletcher was the perfect brother for her. Currently I am one of the adoption coordinators and I absolutely love getting to be part of so many wonderful adoptions. My favorite part is meeting so many wonderful people and keeping in touch with former fosters.

Vicki Franciosi

I have felt a connection to beagles since early in elementary school when I drew a picture of a beagle with a report of how it was the perfect dog for me. Fast forward to adulthood. After moving to NC, it became clear that I was ready to be a Beagle Mom. We adopted Cameron in 2007. He was the sweetest and made me instantly fall in love with the breed. When we lost him in 2017, I knew I needed time but also that beagle connection. A friend introduced me to TBR, and I instantly found comfort and my passion in making a difference in the lives of these amazing dogs. I jumped into fundraising and events, serving as a Co-Leader for both, then the Board as the Fundraising Coordinator. I am thankful to be able to make a difference, through fundraising and events, and play a part in our foster dogs finding their forever families. A bonus is the amazing people I’ve met along the way and the friendships formed.