Someone has shown interest in adopting your foster dog. What happens next?

Applicants are carefully screened to be sure that our dogs go to a great home that is a good fit for both the family and the dog. The goal is to find a lifelong home for the dog. If this is not possible for the adopting family, Triangle Beagle Rescue will always take a dog adopted from the rescue back at any time.

Potential adopters are required to submit an online application and then will have a phone interview and a home visit. After all of these steps are completed, the application coordinator will review all of the material and make a decision regarding approval for adoption.

Approved adopters are then put in touch with the adoption coordinator. This person will guide the adopter in selecting the right dog for them and put them in touch with that foster family.

Adopters can meet their potential dogs at adoption events or arrange a private meeting through the foster family. It is sometimes best for the dog to do a ‘home visit’ to help ensure that they are going to be a good fit for that particular adopter.

When the adopter is ready to officially adopt the dog, they will need to complete the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. TBR must receive the original copy of the contract for our records and the adopter will also be given a copy. The adopter must have the collar, harness and leash when they adopt the dog or they should not be permitted to take possession of the dog. Collars harnesses leashes and couplers can be purchased through TBR.

The foster dogs TBR ID tag should go with the dog to his new home. Adopters are encouraged to keep the TBR tag on the dogs collar at all times in addition to purchasing one with their contact information on it. The TBR tag serves as an extra contact in case the dog is ever lost. If the adopters choose not to keep the tag on the dog, encourage them to tape it to the contract. The TBR tags have an ID# on them that identifies each dog ever adopted from TBR in our data base.

Adoption forms as well as a checklist to fill out for the adopting family can be found under the Volunteer Resources login on our website. Your foster coordinator can provide you with the login information.