Beagles have been carefully bred for centuries to be single-minded trackers after their quarry – the bunny! So no matter how much your beagle loves you, he will be subject to frequent distracting smells and will not consider it at all disloyal to run off after an interesting scent – after all, it’s *your* job to follow *him*!

Hunting beagles do not have to worry about cars and angry neighbors, and neither should pet beagles – it is your job to protect your companion from harm. No matter how ‘quiet’ your street is, cars still travel on it. If you do not have a fenced yard, leashed walks or runs in fenced dog-parks are perfectly adequate and stress-free for both dog and human. If you want a dog who will play outside unleashed in an unfenced area with your children, a beagle is probably the wrong breed.

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