Aoife (EE-fah)

Hello there! My name is Aoife, pronounced EE-fah, and I’m on a journey to find my forever home. My path led me to Triangle Beagle Rescue after my finder couldn’t locate my owner. But you know what? I’m not dwelling on the past. I’m focusing on the bright future ahead!

I may have faced some medical challenges along the way, like those pesky mammary tumors and a hip mass. Oh, and there’s a suspicion that I might be a bit hard of hearing, but let me tell you, none of that dampens my spirit! I’m a resilient sweetheart who’s full of love and joy.

Food? Oh, don’t get me started! I absolutely adore all things food-related, from tasty treats to hearty meals. And you know what else I love? A cozy dog bed where I can snuggle up and relax after a day filled with adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I’m quite the social butterfly! I get along swimmingly with other dogs, and I’ve even made friends with a few cats along the way. Leash? House? Crate training? Check, check, and check! I’ve got those skills down pat.

Now, you might be wondering about kids. Well, truth be told, I haven’t had many interactions with them. But my gentle nature suggests that I’d be a fantastic companion for a family willing to open their hearts and homes to me.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to welcome a charming beagle like me into your life? I promise to shower you with love, kisses, and plenty of tail wags. Let’s embark on this journey together and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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