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Meet the charming Beagle boy, Anderson! This young fella, rescued from Rockingham County, has captured our hearts. After an MRI at NC State Vet School, we discovered he has inoperable spinal cord compression. The silver lining? He’s not in pain, and we believe he’s perfect just the way he is!

Despite facing challenges, Anderson is a happy-go-lucky guy with a heart of gold. While he may walk a little funny, he’s a pro at navigating stairs. On walks, he shines—doing wonderfully on a leash, enjoying the company of children and other dogs, and adoring both men and women alike. His positive energy is truly contagious!

Due to incontinence, Anderson needs a bit of extra care, requiring diapers or belly bands. But fear not—he’s a trooper and lets nothing dampen his spirits!

Anderson is a happy, snuggly boy–a true Velcro Beagle, always wanting to be beside his people.

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