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We busted Annie out of the Greene County shelter and saved her little beagle life! She is a sweet older lady who still has plenty of pep in her step. She is goofy and silly and enjoys her beauty sleep. She absolutely loves stuffed toys and will chase after them–but often forgets to bring them back.  She loves her toys soooooo much that sometimes she is a little overprotective of them and doesn’t like when another dog looks like they want to steal them from her.  When it is time for breakfast or dinner, her true beagle colors come out!  She will do a little dance for you to show just how excited she is for mealtime.  Annie is amazing with kids and will let them shower unending pets upon her belly. When they stop, she will gently remind them to keep going! Annie’s life has not been easy up to this point so she is certainly enjoy her new pampered life.  Annie was named through our Name a Dog donation program by Stacy Ashley, she wrote: This donation is in memory of Annie Ashley (a wonderful beagle who sadly passed away).

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