I was found as a stray in Jones county and when my owner could not be located I became a TBR beagle. I am a snuggly beagle who loves belly rubs and soaking up all of the attention I can get. I enjoy chomping on Nylabones and playing with stuffed toys. I get along great with other dogs and can often be found playing tug of war with them. I am crate trained and I have great leash manners. I am being treated for heart worms and will be available for adoption once that is complete. 

I was named through TBR’s Name a Dog donation program by Kerry Plunket for Mr Strange and Dr Melerski and family. She wrote: In memory of a wonderful boxer and beloved companion, Atticus Strange.

Medical note: Atticus visited the cardiologist on 10/5/21.  He does have a heart murmur due to mitral valve insufficiency.  They started him on Pimobendan daily, and they recommend yearly cardiology rechecks. But it’s not slowing him down at all!

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