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Meet Babs, a sweet and loving beagle puppy with the cutest heart-shaped spot on the back of her neck. Babs had a rough start in life, as she was kept 24/7 in a crate and didn’t give the love and attention she deserved. Thankfully, she’s now safe and sound with Triangle Beagle Rescue and learning what the good life is all about!

Babs is a happy and playful pup who loves spending time outdoors in the backyard. She’s a big fan of playing fetch with her stuffed animal toys and will bring them straight back to you. Babs also loves any kind of treats and is always up for snuggling with her favorite people.

While Babs is progressing well in her training, she’s still working on some skills. She’s getting better on a leash, and her house training is coming along. Babs is good with other dogs, but we’re not sure yet how she feels about cats or children.

Babs is available soon and would make a wonderful addition to any family who can give her the love and attention she deserves. She’s a sweet and loving pup who deserves a happy ending to her rough start in life.

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