Bella Luna

Puppy Bella Luna was surrendered to TBR when she was diagnosed with a rare medical condition. She was born with a liver shunt (intrahepatic portosystemic shunt with multiple collateral vessels) that has been repaired by the surgical team at Animal Medical Center New York. Her ongoing care includes an oral medication to be taken twice daily for her lifetime and bloodwork at prescribed intervals (annually after the first year) to monitor her liver function. Bella Luna is 100% beagleness in a mini-sized body. She has loads of puppy energy and loves to run and play. She does not hesitate to use her voice and uses her spare time to practice on a beagle-appropriate aroo. She prefers to be outdoors and spends her days taking her blankets and stuffies to the yard for enjoyment in the sunshine and wrestling with her canine buddies. Bella’s condition is going to require a financial commitment greater than an average puppy. She has been through a lot in her short 10 months of life and her foster family will be extra choosy to find the perfect adoptive family for her. Her ideal home will offer a playful canine companion(s), a responsible hooman that does not work outside the home, and a securely fenced yard appropriate for beagle shenanigans.

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