Bo came to TBR from Kernersville, NC. He was picked up as a stray several years ago and since then has been bounced around to several different homes. As you can imagine, he has developed some trust issues and is looking for a loving family who will be patient with him and provide him the consistency and routine he craves. He is a very smart beagle boy. He knows how to sit and he understands what “no” means. He would do best in a home as an only dog. He loves all of the people he has met and seeks out attention and affection. He enjoys being with his human family and chasing toys in the backyard. Bo has a good deal of energy and needs several long play sessions a day to get out all of his wiggles–a fenced in yard or a very active person/family would be an ideal situation for him. His favorite toys are a red Kong, elk antlers, and collecting blankets in the living room. Bo has had a hernia in the past that has now healed and has resulted in an adorable little belly button. Bo spent some time at Dog Training Camp and they helped him be the best beagle he can be! He worked on his door, crate, and leash manners, and even went on some fun field trips. He is extremely lovable and enjoys meeting and cuddling with people, but does get overly excited with other dogs. His trainer does not believe that he would be a danger to children, but would suggest being careful with resource guarding. Since Bo has been moved several times, finding a forever home he can build trust with will be extremely important and would give him an opportunity to relax and live a happy life.

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