Bobby Bones

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My name is Bobby Bones, but my foster mom keeps calling me sweet boy and could be your sweet boy too. I came to the rescue with my beagle buddy Amy all the way from Tennessee! I am a friendly, handsome fella looking for a home to call my own.

Bobby bones or Bobby for short is a very sweet beagle boy.  Bobby will spend the night in the crate, or his foster mom will let him stay out to sleep with his beagle foster sisters. Bobby gets along great with them, and they are teaching him the ropes of being an inside beagle.

In the short time he has been in foster care he is learning to go outside to potty.  He does very well when his humans are home. But sometimes at night he can’t hold it but will pee on a pee pad.  He goes out early in the morning does exercise and knows he will get a treat when he comes in.

He will eat breakfast and goes back to sleep when his humans go to work.   Bobby is very excited when they come home and is ready to run the backyard again.

He likes laying on the floor next to his human.  He doesn’t like getting up on the furniture and will follow his humans around the house.  He is still undecided about dog toys.  He would rather have belly rubs and ear scratches.  Bobby is still learning about human food treats. He likes chicken but wasn’t sure about bacon.

Bobby is very good with his inside voice and only barks outside when he sees strangers outside. Bobby gets along with the cats but he has not met a child yet.

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