“Knock, Knock!  Who’s there?”  Brownie!  “Brownie Who?”  I’m Brownie who’s mainly brown, with big brown eyes, short legs, and the softest ears around.  I’m friendly, smart, and so loveable that I get lots of kisses and pats from my humans.  I love belly rubs and taking a long nap after playing in my backyard or going for strolls.  I am improving on my house rules and doing my best when a leash is added to my new collar; but give me a pile of leaves my nose ploughs through with such delight that my fosters can’t help but laugh as my head pops up just right. I’m a sweet boy who would love to meet you and maybe we can play a game or two so reach out to TBR and ask for me, who’s mainly brown with the softest ears around.  “Knock, Knock!  Who’s there?” ME, BROWNIE!

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Chip Littke-in memory of Oliver

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