Candy Cane

Hey there, I’m Candy Cane, your potential furry BFF!  If you’re into hotdogs, we’re already off to a great start because they’re my absolute favorite. As a foster beagle, I’ve got a few quirks, but I’m ready to charm my way into your heart.

I’ve got this endearing habit of sticking close to my person—I just can’t get enough of their company. Leash and crate training are a bit new to me, but don’t worry, I’m making strides and getting the hang of it. Patience is key with me because, you see, my past has made me a tad skittish. However, with a kind and understanding friend, I’m sure to blossom into the best companion.

I may be a bit cautious around other dogs, and I might growl to keep my distance, but it’s just my way of saying, “Hey, let’s take things slow.” Underneath it all, I’m open to making friends, sharing my space, and even cozying up on the bed with fellow doggos.

I’m available and looking for my furever family! Please bring hot dogs!

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