Captain came from northern North Carolina. He was strutting down a road when a nice man noticed him and how skinny he was.  Now that he is putting on weight his personality is coming out as the happiest boy with an active tail! Captain is very curious about people, especially about what people are eating and if their hands are available for pettings. As clear as it is that he has never lived inside a home before, he sure is settling in fast and making the most of the warm comfy beds too! Captain hasn’t been in a home environment long and has a lot of learning to do, but so far is making great progress with walking on a leash, house training and what food is not for him. We are working on some skin issues, but expecting his personality to shine even more once he is more comfortable. Captain is great with people, other dogs, does well in a crate and enjoys running after balls in the yard. So far no interest in digging, climbing or barking


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