Check out my video!
Check out my video!

Say hello to Carmen, the sweetest beagle you’ll ever meet! This adorable boy loves shadowing his fosters around the house, his heart brimming with affection. Whether he’s exploring outdoors with his beagle buddies or charming the farm cats, Carmen’s friendly nature wins hearts wherever he goes.

Carmen is on a mission to master house training, showing promising progress with training pads and learning to signal when nature calls. He’s content with his own cozy dog bed, steering clear of human furniture. His endearing quirk? Toting seashells around like prized possessions.

A true foodie at heart, Carmen races for treats but maintains his gentle demeanor, even among his fellow furry friends. He adores pets and cuddles, soaking up every ounce of love he receives. Carmen’s foster family believes his sociable spirit will make him an ideal companion for other dogs, ready to embrace life’s lessons with a wagging tail.

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