Check out my video!

Check out my video!

Chad is an adorable little guy who looks like one of his ancestors might have been a tiny bulldog—he has a barrel chest, bowed legs, and a cute waddling walk. He is surprisingly tiny, just over 10 inches at the shoulder and weighing about 17 pounds. We call him a pocket beagle! He enjoys playing with toys and with other dogs but mostly he is a love bug who wants to be with his people and snuggle (and sleep) all day. He sleeps well in his crate at night, gets along well with kids and dogs and will keep you laughing day and night! Do not count on Chad going for a leash walk with you—his legs are a bit wonky—but he may like to go on walks in a stroller. He cannot descend stairs easily so hopefully his forever family has a one-story house, a ramp, or a willingness to carry him down stairs.

Medical note: Chad came to TBR with a bad kennel cough and he is still coughing a bit. Our understanding is that the cough is just taking time to resolve. Also, Chad wears a diaper in the house most of the time because he urinates a lot. The rescue is trying to get to the bottom of this, which seems to be tied to substantial water consumption (diabetes and Cushing’s disease have been ruled out), and trying different treatments.

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