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I’m Daffodil, a vibrant and spunky beagle here to brighten up your world with my sunny personality. Let me share a bit about myself.

I have the perfect spot on the couch in our living room, where I can admire the view of our front yard and sidewalk. Whenever I see someone passing by, I can’t help but “talk” to them in my own charming way. However, I must admit that I might not be the best fit for an apartment or townhouse where I can observe high traffic areas.

I’m still learning to cope with being alone and sometimes experience separation anxiety. But fear not, my humans have been working diligently to help me overcome this. They provide me with fun, long-lasting treats and puzzle toys when they leave, and they confine me to the office with our doggy companion, Brody. So far, all I do is express my displeasure vocally. I would prefer to be in a home with another confident dog who can show me the ropes of indoor life.

Now, let’s talk about one of my greatest passions—food! Oh, how I adore it! My humans have learned to feed me separately from our other dog because I tend to gobble up my food and may attempt to snatch his. I’ve also discovered that kids can sometimes be an easy target for food thievery. Don’t worry, I’m not tall enough to reach anything on the counter! While I’m not food aggressive with people, I can display some assertiveness with other dogs.

Despite my mischievous food antics, I’m an absolute sweetheart. I’m full of energy and love being in the company of my humans. I’ll stick to you like the petals of a daffodil, following you around and enjoying every moment we spend together. Snuggling up on the couch or cuddling in your bed (if you permit) are among my favorite pastimes.

I came to Triangle Beagle Rescue from a shelter in South Carolina, where I faced some health challenges like a UTI and upper respiratory infection. Thanks to the dedicated TLC I received, I’m now completely healthy and ready to find my forever home!

No special medications or diets are required for me, as I’m a happy and healthy flower pup. I’m good with dogs, cats, and even kids! So, if you’re searching for a lively and loving companion who will add sunshine to your life, look no further. I’m Daffodil, the beagle with a zest for life and a heart ready to blossom in your loving care.


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