Dr. Pepper

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Hi, I’m Dr. Pepper and as my name suggests, I’m full of spunk and personality. I have a love for exploration along with a curious and adventurous spirit, always eager to embark on the next adventure and go where my nose leads us.

While I’m very happy to be in the good hands of the folks at TBR, I long for my very own forever family. I’ve only been in my foster home for a few days and have already made a mark for myself. I’ve learned to appreciate the safety and security of my crate and find it a comfortable place to sleep at night, or to take a nap when my foster mom can’t be at home with me. I’m working up to having run of the house with my foster brother as soon as I master a few house rules. Foster mom says I’m making progress every day. Baby steps.

I like to take walks around the neighborhood and meet all the people and other doggies and to play outside in the fenced backyard with my foster brother. Together, we play chase, tug-o-war and fetch. Sometimes, we just roll around in the grass, or take a nap in the sunshine or find a nice shady place to relax.

My foster mom says I have a vibrant personality and am sure to make a loving companion for the lucky family that adopts me. She says I’ll make you laugh out loud at my silly antics, my seal-like bark when I’m having fun playing with other doggies and that you’ll never have to be alone or have an empty lap. I’m determined to make your lap, MY lap! Plus, I’ll give you lots of kisses and snuggles.

In return, you can fill my belly with treats, massage my back and belly, and give me lots of ear scritches. I’ll always be by your side and follow you to ends of the earth and the bathroom.

What do you say – shall we meet? You’re gonna love me and I’m gonna love you to the moon and back.

Oh – before I forget, I’m learning to control my enthusiasm and sit, not jump when it’s time for treats.

Here are a few of my favorite things:
Food & treats, I’ll eat anything.
Toys, especially soft, squeaky toys and ropes and balls. I like to chew things and my foster mom makes sure I have plenty of appropriate toys and I haven’t had to resort to chewing any of her things. That makes her happy!
Laps – yours!

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