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I am a shy, Foxhound mix girl who is looking for a low-key family. Although I look like a beagle, I am taller and weigh about 60 lbs.  My ideal home would have a secure, 6’ tall fence because I am an excellent climber by nature and I would love to have my own yard where I can run fast off leash.  I use my long legs to run around the yard like a gazelle (my foster dad says I look more like a baby giraffe when I run).  If there is not a fence, I will need a human willing to walk me on a secure harness.  I have acclimated well to indoor life and my personality has blossomed.  I found my beautiful hound voice and I enjoy singing the song of my people.  I am a bit nervous around strangers but I love my foster family.  I have also become a stage five cuddler and I am perfectly content to lounge in the recliner with my foster dad while he watches TV.  I love belly rubs, ear skritches, stuffy toys, Nyla bones, and treats. I am house trained and crate trained. I get along great with my canine friends and all of the little creatures in my foster home– cats, bunnies, and chickens.  I walk very well on a leash although busy streets with cars make me nervous.
Duplin had a big adventure after a prior escape and will be best suited in a home with a tall fence. A GPS tracking device is very strongly recommended.

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