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Everest came to the rescue from the Caswell County Shelter. Everest is a young beagle mix who has obviously had a difficult past. He is very skittish and learning how to trust people.

Everest likes playing with other friendly dogs and will join in with chase and wrestling. He will hip bump other dogs to get them to play. He is still a scared guy, but once he warms up, he loves chin scratches from humans he trusts. He loves treats of any sort, especially peanut butter and cheese. Everest is overcoming a lot of his fears of the outside world and needs a friendly dog buddy to help him. A dog friend helps give him courage to play in new places and shows him that sounds aren’t so scary. When he’s in a new place, he might cower and try to hide, but once he gets settled in, he untucks his tail and prances around. He has even learned to chase a ball! When inside, Everest likes to settle in his crate or on a cozy dog bed.

Everest is in training at Dog Training Camp USA to help him grow his confidence. When he first came in, he was terrified of being outside and needed to be carried. Now he happily joins his dog friends when it’s time to go outside and loves to sunbathe and play. He can be startled by new noises, but he looks to see how the other dogs react and quickly relaxes. Everest is still a flight risk, so he needs a secure privacy fence in case he tries to bolt when scared. He is still scared of walking on a leash, but would be happy with someone who has experience and can take things slow with him. He has learned to play with toys and his confidence grows every day.

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