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Hoosier is an Indiana boy who came to TBR with a group of other beagles when the shelter was unable to find a local rescue that could care for them. He is a really great beagle boy. He loves to run and play, chasing toys or a ball. He likes to steal all the toys from the other beagles and run away, then zip back by to tease them. Tearing up toys is one of his favorite hobbies. Gotta get to those squeakers! When playtime is over, Hoosier is ready to nap, nap, nap. He basically has two speeds, run around and have fun or sleep.

Hoosier gets along great with other dogs and has never met a stranger. Like any good beagle, he loves his treats and mealtimes. He will need some help remembering to be polite at mealtime and when receiving treats. He gets so excited that he forgets his manners. He will try to climb the beagle next to him to be first in line for a treat.

Hoosier is working on his house training and making great progress. Hoosier has completed heartworm treatment and is now ready to pack his bag and move to a home of his very own.


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