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Jingles was found by a good Samaritan who contacted TBR for help, and we’re so very glad!  He was in poor shape, very dirty and thin with long nails.  He looked like he had either been on his own for a while or had been severely neglected in his previous living situation.  Despite all he has been through, Jingles is a very happy and loving beagle boy with an intelligent-looking face.  He adores attention, and even enjoyed his bath and nail trim!  Jingles is a long-body, long-legged beagle, which means that on 2 feet, he’s quite tall, so he can easily reach the counter and likes to check it out!  You can’t blame him for being a food-hound, and his foster family are working on getting him back up to a normal weight, as well as training him away from counters.  A smart boy, he learned to open the lever door knob to let himself back inside the house, when he’s had enough exercise in the fenced yard.  Jingles is happy to coexist with the cats and kittens in the house, and gets along fine with other dogs. He would probably be fine with bigger children, but he is large enough that he could accidentally push a small child over.  He is working on not jumping on people, and seems to be a fast learner.  Jingles is looking for a loving home where he can get lots of love and ear scritches!  He will be available for adoption once he is finished with heartworm treatment.

Jingles was named through our Name a Dog donation program-

Named in honor of a very special beagle who just left us a few weeks ago by Cecilia Moore-Cobb

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