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Kaiser was surrendered to TBR when his owner could no longer care for him. He was an outside beagle but is now enjoying all the comforts of his new indoor pampered life. He was timid when he first arrived in his foster home but warmed up quickly when he was shown love. He loves treats and is an equal opportunity snuggler. He will cuddle up to any human (including kids) and other dogs when an opportunity presents itself. He is sweet and laid back and is fairly quiet for a beagle. When he does use his voice, it is low and beautiful. He’s still busy figuring things out- and his head will tilt when he sees something new. Like his newfound past time of watching TV! He will periodically “check in” with each foster human-just kind of walks into the room to make sure that we’re still here and we’re okay. He doesn’t like being put in a crate but has gotten used to putting himself into one for down time-as long as he’s not alone in the room. He’d do so well in a home with another dog to play with and show him the ropes.

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