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Leif came to TBR after his owner could no longer care for him. He is a sweetheart of a boy who is learning what it’s like to be loved, to enjoy a soft bed and receive gentle neck & back rubs while hearing reassuring words from his foster mom. He is quite skittish and is easily startled by most sounds and any quick movement. When he’s inside, this will often result in him retreating to his crate where he feels safe and secure and occasionally prompts a nervous pee. Outside, it results in him trying to jump and run away. It requires a firm hold on his leash and a calming voice to let him know he’s safe. He settles quickly and doesn’t continue to fight to get away.He’ll do best in a quiet home with adults or older children who are calm, patient, and reassuring. Hopefully, there will be at least one other dog, his size in the home to help show him how to ‘dog’ and help build his confidence that he’s safe
Leif hasn’t shown an interest in toys or playing yet, he’s still getting used to life as a loved member of the family. He is beginning to follow his foster mom from room to room and makes himself comfortable in one of the doggy beds in her office while she works or sits near her if she’s in the kitchen. He also follows his furster sister around a bit and follows her lead when it’s time to get the leash on and go outside. He’s beginning to enjoy gentle neck and back rubs so long as he’s approached at his level and very slowly. Leif is cautious of other dogs and does not like big dogs.
He has not been tested with cats or small children.

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