Meet Lily, a petite little lady looking for her new home. Lily is seven years old, but has a lot of spunk. She loves running around and would thrive with a fenced in backyard. She enjoys playing with her toys and with kids and adults. Lily has wonderful house manners. Though she is a curious and engaged girl, she is well behaved and can be given the run of the house. She will stay busy chewing on her busy bone for hours then will hide to return to later. She lacks the beagle food-hound motivation and is calm and lays on her bed during people dinner time. She does enjoy a treat every now and then. Her favorite so far is duck and potato jerky.

Lily will use her beautiful beagle voice to sound the alert when strangers are outside, but she is very friendly and loves pets and affection and belly rubs. She sleeps through the night and is excellent on a leash and enjoys walks. Lily is good around friendly dogs but is untested with cats. What Lily loves most is cuddles from her people, and she is the perfect size to snuggle on your lap. She would be fine as a single dog.

Lily has been treated for heartworms, and is recovering well. She also had a seizure. No abnormalities were found on her bloodwork, and she is not currently on seizure medications. But, the veterinarian says if they become more frequent, she should start on daily anti seizure medications.

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