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We welcomed momma Halley and her three week old, out-of-this-world pups (Saturn, Comet, Venus, Mars & Pluto) into the rescue in mid-June. They were rescued from a hoarding situation and were so happy to be safe and secure. After spending some time in their loving foster home, we realized that Venus and Mars were often regurgitating their food after they ate. A visit to the vet confirmed that both pups had mega esophagus. Mega esophagus, or Mega E, is a condition in which a dog cannot swallow food properly as their esophagus does not have good muscle tone to move food down into their belly. After exploring options and connecting with some very experienced Mega E rescue partners, we learned how to care for and feed these little tots. They are thriving in their foster homes and are ready to find committed adopters willing to work with their special needs. They need to be fed a specific consistency of food for each meal and they must be fed sitting upright. After each feeding they must then remain upright for 20-30 minutes while their food passes safely into their stomach. If you have what it takes to care for one of these adorable dogs throughout their whole life, please apply to adopt here:

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