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Meet Scarlet, a charming beagle looking for a home to call her own. Life started off rough for Scarlet, as she was abandoned with four other beagle buddies. However, her fortunes changed when a kind person connected her with TBR, transforming her life for the better.

Scarlet is a sweet and affectionate dog. She loves playing with her canine and human foster siblings, and her eyes light up with joy when a ball is thrown for her. Scarlet also enjoys patrolling the backyard, always on the lookout for mischievous squirrels. One quirk of hers is that she prefers not to share her food, so feeding her separately from other dogs works best.

Scarlet has become quite attached to her foster mom, following her everywhere and snuggling up in bed at night. Scarlet is looking for a forever home where she can share her boundless love and enjoy plenty of playtime and squirrel-chasing adventures. Could Scarlet be the perfect companion for you?

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