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Meet Sunflower, our special girl! She came to the rescue with her 3 puppies.  She is finished with her mommy duties and it looking for a home of her own. This is what her foster pawrents have to say.

We’re currently helping her overcome some separation anxiety and get comfortable with short periods in her crate. Right now, Sunflower would thrive in a home where she won’t have to be alone for extended stretches. While we don’t have another furry friend in our home at the moment, she might feel even more at ease if there’s a doggy companion around.

Sunflower is all about being with her beloved humans. During the day, you’ll often find her chilling in her cozy dog bed in the home office, keeping a watchful eye as her human works away. But when evening rolls around, her absolute favorite spot is that giant, welcoming beanbag chair in the TV room. She’s a connoisseur of belly rubs and can spend hours lounging in that beanbag, soaking up all the affection.

In her previous foster home, she had the pleasure of hanging out with other dogs, and it seemed like she had a blast playing with her furry pals. We’ve also taken her on some adventures to local parks, and she’s proven to be quite the trailblazer, enjoying every moment of exploring the outdoors. When it comes to walkies, she does great – hardly ever pulling on the leash.

Sunflower would love to meet you and see if you are the pawfect home for her.

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