I’m Sunny. I’m a little tall and (maybe) not completely a true beagle but I managed to sneak my way to Triangle Beagle Rescue anyway. How lucky am I? I overheard my foster mom say that I am adorable. I don’t like to brag, but she told me to be sure to ask if you noticed my wonderful ear wingspan. I also smile a goofy grin a lot. See – adorable!

I am super sweet and loving. I like lots of pets and love to give kisses to pay my people back for the pets. I like to play. Love my toys!  Sometimes I get the zoomies and run around outside like a crazy girl. Someone even managed to get a picture of me zooming!  I’m also a champion couch potato. Gotta get in some good naps on the regular! I like a comfy bed, but I prefer sleeping on a rug on the floor.

I am sweet with kids but I do try to jump up a little. Once I settle down I am happy to get gentle pets on the ears and let them throw toys for me to chase.

I am doing well with my foster beagle brother and sister, but I do not like to share my toys, and they better not even think about looking at my food bowl – food is my very favorite thing! I try to counter surf, but that gets me into trouble so I’m figuring out that I shouldn’t do that. Such a bummer! The kitchen smells so good.

I’ve got all my stuff ready for a big move. Let’s meet up to see if we are a match!

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