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Tango is an adorable and energetic puppy in search of a forever home filled with love and excitement. He and his brother Cash were being given away for “free” in front of a Walmart and they made their way to TBR. At just 3-4 months old, he’s a bundle of joy and curiosity, eager to explore the world around him. Tango’s playful nature shines through as he bounds about with enthusiasm, occasionally being a little mouthy and jumpy, which is completely normal for a pup of his age. However, he’s already making remarkable progress in learning to redirect his boundless energy towards his toys rather than human fingers. This little guy’s love for other dogs is heartwarming, and he thrives on social interactions with his furry friends. His commitment to improving his potty and crate training shows his determination to be a well-behaved companion. Tango’s intelligence shines as he quickly picks up on basic commands, thanks to his strong food and treat motivation. Though his time in his current home has been brief, Tango’s potential for becoming a cherished member of a loving family is abundantly clear.

Tango’s journey to find his forever family is just beginning, and he’s already proven to be an eager and delightful addition to any household. With his puppy energy, love for other dogs, and quick learning abilities, Tango has all the makings of a fantastic companion for someone willing to provide him with the love, guidance, and patience he needs to thrive. As he continues to grow and develop, Tango’s playful antics and endearing personality are sure to win over the hearts of those lucky enough to welcome him into their home. If you’re looking for a spirited and loving puppy to call your own, Tango could be the perfect match to bring joy and laughter to your life for years to come.

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