Returning a Former TBR Dog to Us

We will always take back a dog adopted from us.  Please contact your adoption coordinator.  You can find the contact information on your contract.  If you no longer have a copy of your contract or are not able to get in touch with your adoption coordinator, email us at  (Remove the space before the @ and all the dashes to send an e-mail.).  We will work with you to get the dog back as quickly as we can arrange it.

Surrendering Your Dog to TBR

At this time we are unable to accept dogs who are owned into the rescue.  There are simply too many beagles in local shelters facing euthanasia for us to accept dogs who have a family responsible for them.  If you need to rehome your dog, please visit this excellent site maintained by Chow Chow Club, Inc for general information on rehoming your dog.  We are sometimes able to list beagles on our “Guest Dogs” page and altered beagles can also be listed in a national database maintained by Beagles-on-the-Web.

Found Dogs

If you have found a beagle in North Carolina you must inform local shelters and run an advertisement in the local paper to give the owners an oppurtunity to reclaim the dog. If you live in central NC and would like TriBeagles to assist with the beagle you have found, you must be willing to act as the foster home for the dog you have found. The found dog must be a beagle and must pass our temperment tests in order to be accepted into our Rescue.

If you have found a beagle outside of North Carolina please email the beagle rescue in your area.

If your situation is not described above or you would like advice on keeping your beagle or a stray you have found, or another form of assistance, you may email us at